Patient Testimonials

I would highly recommend Dr. Redd as an orthopedic surgeon. I am 100% satisfied with my surgery results. He replaced a badly deteriorating partial knee done in 1980. He was very thoughtful about making sure at my age (100) that my general health was good. He did the surgery 4/6/17. I am very happy, pleased and grateful he has made my life more enjoyable. Dr. Redd is very capable, knowledgeable. He did an impeccable job. Thank You!!!

– VB –

Brilliant Doctor! I have had several surgeries before Dr. Redd saw me. After only seeing me twice and after being in pain for over a year I already feel better. So good in fact, I am having him look into my hand and redoing both my ankles, yes both! Amazing Doctor!

– K.J. –

Dr. Joe

Just wanted to say thank you again for my new knees! I was able to go to the Little League World Series and actually walk up the big hill the kids were sliding down on cardboard! I was so excited! I am still doing great and am amazed at what I couldn't do 12 to 18 months ago but now I can! Hope everyone is doing well. May God continue to bless you and every other person you help.

– T.G. –

Dear Dr. Joe

It has been just over a year since you performed my shoulder surgery. The results have been fantastic for me and my family. Reflecting on this blessing, I wanted to write and thank you again.

– B.J.D –

Approximately a year ago Dr. Joseph Liljenquist performed a left shoulder replacement surgery for me. I admittedly endured pain in the left shoulder for a number of years because the joint was worn out and full of arthritis but I hesitated to get it repaired. Now, I realize it could and should have been done much sooner. I have full use of the shoulder and I am nearly pain free. My entire experience with Dr. Liljenquist and his staff was completely satisfying, I highly recommend them, and I will use them again if needed.

– K W –

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the professional and caring treatment that I received from Dr. Liljenquist after an accident that I had, resulting in a serious injury to my ankle. I first met Dr. Liljenquist as he stood at my bedside in the hospital and carefully explained to me the required surgery and treatment that I was about to experience. I appreciated the caring manner in which he explained my injury along with the expected results and risks that would accompany the surgery. He patiently answered my questions and provided encouragement needed. I continued to receive this type of treatment and care in each of many subsequent visits to his office during the numerous months that followed. In each visit, Dr Liljenquist has exhibited a great deal of patience and care to answer my questions and address my concerns. I am extremely grateful to be able to walk again and am very satisfied with the results of his care and have a deep appreciation and respect for his professional skills and capabilities.

– A –

If I could, I would definitely go to the tops of the mountain to tell of my experience with my two new knees by Dr. Joe!

My story begins some 15 years ago when my left knee started giving me problems. Throughout those years, I had the knee injections (chicken shots), therapy, and anything else I thought might help. The only time I was out of pain was when I was in the water exercising. I couldn't do the things I wanted to do with my family. I couldn't work anymore because I couldn't kneel down, couldn't walk without some assistance (be it a cane or power chair), I couldn't shop without a power chair; essentially all my activities were limited.

I finally admitted I couldn't continue as I had lost all strength in both legs. The right knee was bad as well for having to take the abuse of the left knee.

I saw Dr. Joe in July of 2009. He said they needed "Total Knee Replacements". I had studied knee replacements through the internet and I always had wondered why they don't make knees to fit each and every patient. To my surprise, Dr. Joe informed me there was a "new" knee replacement out there. I would be the first patient in Idaho to have a knee designed just for me. How lucky I was to be the first. Since I was the first, there was sometime before the "correct" MRI procedure was available in Idaho Falls. I had my MRI in September. The MRI scans went directly to Bio-Met (the instrumentation company that was going to make my own specific knee). Surgery was then scheduled and on October 20, 2009, I entered Mountain View Hospital for my "Left" knee replacement. I was amazed how the bad pain was gone that first day! I walked the evening of the surgery. I was out of the hospital 4 days after surgery, had received in-patient therapy twice each day, and then started a superb physical therapy out-patient three days each week. I faithfully followed the physical therapy program outlined for me, worked hard, and by February 8th, I entered the hospital for the replacement of my Right knee. That knee was a little more difficult as it had bone spurs that had entangled with my ligament. I followed the same protocol with this knee as I had with the first. Outcome was wonderful!.

I would so highly recommend this Bio-Met Signature Knee to anyone who has a need for a total knee replacement. I must admit that I tell "all" those that will listen to me, Go see Dr. Joe Liljenquist for that procedure. I always like those physicians who give you all the time you need for your appointments and I never felt rushed in his office. I knew the surgical procedure and what I needed to do to be successful. The return visits were the same and I felt so comfortable with Dr. Liljenquist and his wonderful nurse, Diane, and the staff of Karla and Jessica.

I am still in the process of building up strength in my legs as I had lost almost all of that much need strength. But, my goal is to run and not be weary!.

I would welcome anyone to call me directly (208-483-3221) and talk to me if you desire that contact. Otherwise, all I want to say now is, "Thanks, Dr. Joe". He gave me my life back.

– L M –

I had pain in my hip for years. When it got so bad I was losing sleep. I went to Dr. Joseph Liljenquist. He replaced my hip and the pain I had before is gone. He is a great doctor. I have recommended him several times.

– F P –

My hope and confidence were restored when I became a patient of Dr. Liljenquist. My struggles with my knees had become a daily battle and constant source of pain. I had already had three knee surgeries when I was referred to Dr. Liljenquist. I was highly impressed that his first suggestion was not to go straight to the operating table. We tried several different options including injections, braces and physical therapy. I was able to find some relief from the pain and was able to manage my knees much better, however eventually it was clear that surgery would be my best option. I have had another three surgeries and for the first time in 5 years, I am walking without pain and without a limp. I had a patellar relocation surgery called a Fulkerson’s osteotomy. While waiting in pre-op for the surgery, I had second thoughts about the surgery. Dr. Liljenquist came in and sat with me and explained everything again, calmed me down, and restored my faith in what this surgery could do for me. I am so glad that I had the surgery-it was probably the best experience I have had. I was expecting a large and ugly scar, but you can barely see it. I will never go to another orthopedic surgeon because he understands and listens to my knee pains and problems. Dr. Liljenquist is compassionate, caring, extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile for his patients. I feel like I am part of a family when I come through the doors of his office. His staff is some of the best I’ve ever met. Jessica, Karla and Diane always take such good care of me and are able to answer all my questions about medications, appointments and my billing statements. I feel so confident in Dr. Liljenquist and his staff that I have referred family, friends and even some of my students to him. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Liljenquist is the finest orthopedic surgeon in the area.

– B B –